Food for thought
November 25, 2020

10 Essential skills for every future proof organization

The world is constantly changing, and the skills that once took you to where you stand now might not work from there onward. It is important to keep on growing,…
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Excel Training Stufe 1
November 24, 2020

Lepaya acquires Smartenup: Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to announce that we have acquired data-literacy & Excel-training scale-up Smartenup. To inform…
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Food for thought
Juli 20, 2020

Onboarding-Erfahrungen, die neue Mitarbeitende zum Erfolg führen

New position, new environment, new colleagues – it can be quite nerve-wracking, challenging yet exciting.…
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video conference platforms
April 29, 2020

Online video conference platform comparisons

UPDATE: Which (video) communication platform is best? Previously we announced that we use a wide…
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