Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Guide employees and hiring managers/recruiters to think and act without prejudice with Diversity and Inclusion training.

  • Group 24 Educate employees to treat one another equally regardless of someone's background.
  • Group 24 Recognize the importance of having an inclusive workplace.
  • Group 24 Train essential skills in the theme of diversity & inclusion.

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Diversity and inclusion as a theme for every future-proof employer

the Diversity & Inclusion Track is indispensable in a world where such topics are high on the agenda of many organizations. How to make everyone feel sincerely welcome in an organization is a top priority. This track teaches employees to ensure equality is consistently seen in thoughts and behavior, regardless of someone’s background or profile. Participants learn about this in three coherent modules that do justice to the importance of an inclusive working environment.

  • Module 1: Unravelling diversity & inclusion in the workplace
    • Understand D&I and what it means to you (using personal stories)
    • Learn how to develop D&I values into behaviours
    • Reflect how these behaviours are relevant to the strengths of your team & organization
    • Create an action plan of how to live up to D&I’s values and behaviours.
  • Module 2: Unconscious Prejudice
    • Understand your prejudices & learn how to get around this in your daily communication & thinking
    • Find out which prejudices (unconsciously) affect your mind and behaviour
    • Think of an approach to limit common (unconscious) prejudices
    • Learn how to convert the approach into behaviour
  • Module 3: Intrusive conversations
    • Learn how to address undesirable behavior and convert it into positive behavioral change
    • Learn how to properly address colleagues about D&I related values
    • Practice, during role-plays, how to identify non-compliance with values in yourself and others and convert to desired behavior
    • Use the OIDR framework to successfully integrate D&I values in your daily communication
Diversity and inclusion

How to train diversity in the workplace

Lepaya trains organizations to adhere to values in the field of diversity and inclusion. For this, we developed a unique learning method, combining online and offline learning. This means that participants take short bite-sized assignments via the Lepaya app. Subsequently, a 3-hour (virtual) classroom session is conducted to train staff with actors. Finally, participants are provided with follow-up assignments to anchor their new skills in their daily work.

Looking for a thorough training that will help develop an understanding of the topic of Diversity and Inclusion? Choose the impactful approach followed by HR departments of well-known national and international organizations.

The Lepaya Learning method

Informieren & Anregen
Üben & Ziele setzen
Aktivieren & Reflektieren

App (1-2 Wochen)

(Virtuelles) Klassenzimmer (3-4 Stunden)

App (2-4 Wochen)

Das Warum & Wie verstehen

•   Trainingsziel
•   Trainingsvorbereitung
•   Modelle & Theorien
•   Ausgangslage analysieren

Realistische Situationen üben

   Rollenspiele mit Schauspielenden
   Die eigenen Fallbeispiele
   Mit unterschiedlichen Maßnahmen üben
   Lernziele festlegen

Die Theorie in der Praxis anwenden

   Buddy Zuweisungen
   Routinen (in die Praxis umgesetzt)

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What our clients say about Lepaya's training courses

After the implementation of the Lepaya Academy for starters and managers, we saw a clear increase in the eNPS poll. In the quarter following our rollout, the eNPS rose from 24 to 42. Employees greatly appreciated the personal development opportunities

Maya Chapman - Leiterin HR, Bloomon

We introduced the Lepaya training program with the aim of keeping our best people happy at Bynder for longer. After 1 year, turnover had halved compared to previous years.

Ruben Vermaak - Leiter Bildung & Entwicklung, Bynder

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