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This is how we make soft skills sticky.

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We believe there is a lot of unused human potential to be developed. A lack of basic soft skills leads to a struggle in effectiveness, happiness and growth of individuals and teams.

Unfortunately the current approach to training provides poor support to develop these skills: learnings do not stick and rarely lead to sustainable behavior change.

Our talent deserves better.

Jelle Tromp
Head of Learning at Lepaya

Lepaya offers effective blended journeys…

Interactive classroom sessions, practicing real-life situations (cases, roleplays), with trainers with hands-on experience
Learning app to inform & inspire before the training and support hardwiring behaviors afterwards

… and provides a platform for coherent learning paths

Flexibility to design tailor made programs
Learner centric
Real-time insight in engagement, feedback and impact

The Lepaya team does not just come from technology or HR background

Lepaya combines global business transformation, HR management and technology start-up experience. This way, we ensure that the learning journeys we offer really work, based on a real understanding of what your business needs to grow.

We have a broad range of clients, ranging from the fastest growing scale-ups in the Netherlands to (multinational) e-commerce players, consulting firms and local government. We love to tell you more about why these organisations choose Lepaya!

Start a new way of effective learning today!
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