Difficult conversations: taking time off

HR Get Together - Free Interactive Online Session

June 4, 2020 - 11:00 AM CET

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Difficult conversations: taking time off

This interactive session is a part of the ”HR Get Together” series, where each week, a new (requested) topic will be discussed and elaborated on that will help HR professionals in their careers.

Within this week’s 30-minute free interactive online session you will receive:
– An introduction on difficult conversations and its importance;
– How to manage and facilitate such conversations effectively, and more specifically addressing the current upcoming summer holiday season.

Discuss and gain insights on difficult conversations tips & tricks. Share struggles or experiences of difficult conversations (while working at home), and get inspired by each other!

This interactive session will be hosted in English.

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Elja Boxman

Expert Trainer

Passionate and driven are words often used to describe Elja. With 15 years of experience in commercial and managerial positions at Nestlé and Diageo, Elja has a comprehensive list of hard and soft skills. As building, managing, developing, and guiding teams always lied central at the heart of Elja, she decided to pursue a dream as a freelance trainer.

With a focus on personal development, she has given communication, leadership, and sales trainings at KLM, Picnic, Cluse, Bloomon, and many more!

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