At Lepaya we keep trying to grow and evolve both ourselves and our learning content. Growth for us means that more and more professionals will be able to receive the opportunity to develop themselves with our Lepaya content.

Therefore scaling and improving our content faster and more efficiently is very important. Making learning more scalable is a process that we have started at multiple of our clients already.

An example of one of the ways in which we can offer more scalable content is providing e-learning modules.

E-Learning modules

E-learnings have the upside of being able to be completed anywhere and anytime in the world (eliminating any physical restrictions such as timezones). But you might wonder: what does a Lepaya e-module exactly entail?

A module starts off with the inform section.

This is where the learner gets acquainted with the theory.

For example via animations that explain the model/theory, quizzes that test whether or not the model/theory is actually understood or trainer videos that explain how to apply the model in daily life and/or provide additional practical tips & tricks surrounding the model/theory.

• Take this trainer video as an example. Via this video, the Rose of Leary framework is explained via a practical example case.

After the learner has gotten themselves acquainted with the theory, it is time to continue to the practice section.

Here learners have the opportunity to engage in interactive content and actively practice with the theory/model they learned in the previous section.

This could be branching scenarios and video exercises (of different levels in difficulty) where we ask learners to recognize and apply the model.

• Take this interactive exercise, where participants have to decide where the characters are situated in the Rose of Leary, as an example.

Please note: this is a video of an interactive bite, if you are interested to try the bite yourself, contact us here to get access.

And lastly, the e-module contains the apply section.

Now that the learners have practiced the theory in a safe setting, we want to lower the threshold for them to apply and try out the model/theory in their personal day to day lives.

 This section is characterised by reflective exercises and mini-challenges.
An example of a practical mini-challenge, where learnings in our Feedback for Growth module are invited to provide a colleague with some constructive feedback using the 5-step model of feedback, can be found here.

At Lepaya we still think that physical moments are important. However, we do believe that with today’s technology this time can be optimized even further!

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