There are chatbots, self-driving cars, insurance companies and many products that already handle damage claims with the help of artificial intelligence, even articles on the Internet that no longer involve human hands. The world is digitizing. And this does not only have consequences on your business strategy, it also requires a mix of technical and not so technical skills from behalf of your employees. The question is, how „hybrid“ are your employees right now?


As an organization, the goal is to slowly become more data-driven, however, without data-driven employees, this goal is unattainable. As new technologies are implemented, there is a clear expectation for a different way of working, therefore, in order to be able to deal with them all, but also to use them optimally, it is necessary to have an organization formed by multidisciplinary employees, and this applies to all departments.

Hybrid employees

It is not a new concept, the trend towards „hybrid“ employees is already visible. For instance, take the case of a management assistant. In the past, this person had to answer the phone, be customer-friendly, type quickly, and plan well. In addition, today they must be able to create presentations, manage multiple stakeholders, and assess whether requests will fit the company’s strategy. For that reason, dealing with the necessary tools is a must.

In addition to "soft", also add "hard" skills

We see a similar trend in learning & development. In the past, convincing senior management of the usefulness of implementing certain training programs or measuring a return on investment (ROI) for trainings have traditionally not been the tasks associated with many roles, however, these skills are now in demand. Here too, we see the addition of a previously „soft“ profile with „harder“ technical skills. This also applies vice versa.

Interpret, analyze and visualize

We believe this trend towards hybrid employee skills continues to develop further and is relevant to all organizations. Within this topic, an element of any „hybrid“ skill set is analytical capabilities. Our mission is to motivate people to develop these essential skills now and in the future. Every professional should be able to interpret, analyze and visualize data.

Develop data skills through motivational learning programs

We have developed blended learning programs to help your organization become hybrid as well. Unlike other providers, we focus on the individual and his or her capabilities. Energetic, relevant classroom training under the guidance of coaches, repetition through intuitive e-learning and application through cases. You will find no one-way traffic and boring assignments, but rather interactive, multiple contact moments and with room for questions and growth.

Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI

Within our sessions you will learn to develop skills by improving in programs such as Excel, PowerPoint and Power BI. Large parties such as Samsung, Dell and Young Capital already embraced these learning programs years ago and are achieving evident success with them. There is much more to tell about our learning pathway, the „hybrid employee“, and the market in which we operate.

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