Data is a hot topic, and more companies are starting to respond to it. But to play in the Champions League of data-driven companies, you need a rock-solid foundation. In this blog, Eric Haase explains how basic knowledge helps your people – and therefore your organization – to become more hybrid.

There is no growth without a good foundation

„The pros are better at the basics“. I „borrowed“ this statement from the owners of my gym, Rockstar Lifestyle. Whether it’s sports or other skills, you need a good foundation to grow. In tennis, I have a good feeling of the ball, but this is something which did not come out of the blue. During my youth tennis lessons I practiced skills such as hand to eye coordination and reaction speed. As a result, I am now not only good at tennis, but also above average at other ball sports. The same goes for playing a musical instrument. If you can play an instrument, chances are you have a good sense of rhythm and can read notes. This will make the learning of another instrument much easier.

From unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent

In this inspiring video from the Growth Tribe Academy about the employee of the future, the same idea is reaffirmed: „Master the fundamentals and you will be able to master the rest“. But why is this the case? When looking at the four stages of competence, there is a development from unconsciously incompetent (we are unaware of our incompetence) to ultimately consciously competent. Once we are in that final stage, we are able to do something without thinking. This has three important consequences. It gives us more confidence, we can use our brain power for something else and it helps us learn other, similar things faster.

On to the Champions League

So being good at something means that you learn relevant things faster and do them better. This is exactly how it works with business tools. If you are good at one tool, let’s say Excel, that knowledge and experience will transfer relatively easily to another tool. This is something crucial in order to develop ourselves as an M-type employee with a hybrid skill set. So if you want to work with data as an organization, make sure that your employees first develop solid data skills. This is the only way to prepare your organization for a final place in the Champions League of data.

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