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Empower your people and accelerate the business by training the core skills of your employees

Train the core skills of your people

Being a scale-up ourselves, we know how important it is to get your professionals up-to-speed and effective in their roles as quickly as possible. We train core skills like actionable communication, taking ownership, feedback for growth, influencing,coaching and many more for starters, professionals and (first-time) managers that are required to become successful in their role.

The 25 core skills

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Empower your people - accelerate the business 

After an investment round, people need to get hired and onboard. And at the same time you want to keep your most contributed employees that are continuing looking for personal development. This is the phase in which the design of learning & development becomes a priority. If you train core skills like effective team management, difficult conversations, time management, growth mindset, commercial sensitivity and other core skills of your professionals and young leaders, they will become more effective and happier.


Have a glimpse of what our current and past clients have encountered with and see how they have prospered with the help of our training programs.

The classroom sessions were very successful, but it was mainly the app that made a lasting impact. People came to the sessions much better prepared and weeks later - via short, accessible exercises on their smartphone - they were still working on it.
Maya Chapman
Head of HR - Bloomon

Bloomon is a flower service with a twist. The fast-growing company makes it easy to order fresh and special flowers as often as you want. Bloomon was founded at the end of 2014 and now has more than 100 employees, spread over offices in Amsterdam and Germany. The company employs many millennials with a strong need for personal development.

The scale-up tried to meet that demand by offering internal training, facilitated by the company’s own staff. The attempt was appreciated but the impact of the training sessions was poor and the effect quickly disappeared afterwards.

From our extensive experience that are supported by scientific insights, we have developed a set of soft skills that prove to be the most important in a particular phase of a career. Based on this we have developed for Bloomon training curricula specifically for starters and professionals with a few years of work experience. The result of our work was reflected in a rising ENPS.

Ich habe nicht erwartet, dass die Auswirkung von Lepaya so gewaltig sein würde. Natürlich weiß man, dass gutes Training wichtig ist, aber dank ihrem Ansatz sind unsere Mitarbeitenden grundlegend viel zufriedener und bleiben deshalb länger und mit mehr Freude bei uns, das hätte ich mir nicht erhofft.
Ruben Entertainment
Leiter von Bildung & Entwicklung - Bynder

Bynder is a tech company with a leading, digital asset management platform, founded in 2013, which  now employs 350 people in Dubai, London, San Francisco and Amsterdam, among others.

The problem Bynder came to us with was that, although they had a leadership development program, too many promising employees left the company during this program. The main reason they gave was: too few development opportunities.

We have helped Bynder to set up an integral soft skills training curriculum, aimed at professionals with a few years of work experience. The result is that employees are now much more positive about the development opportunities within Bynder. The turnover within this group has now been halved.

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