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Time Management Training for Organizations

Managing time effectively is an issue many professionals face. Agendas fill up and work accumulates. Everyone loses control of their work at some point. Work is never finished. Therefore, time management is a topic that is relevant to every professional.
Clearly mapping goals, planning effectively and setting priorities are crucial to this.

During our Time Management training, employees will become aware of their own personal pitfalls. They will learn, by means of tangible tools, to identify and prevent these pitfalls. They discover how they can do more, with less time. They learn to be flexible in taking on ad-hoc projects and end their day feeling satisfied. After our training, professionals will have more control and peace of mind by having a complete overview of their priorities.

Time Management Training

What results can employees expect from Time Management Training?

Learn how to create a structure based upon clear goals

Understand the concept of urgent vs. important, and how this can influence priorities

Get more done in a day and improve your work/private life balance

Time Management as a topic in the Base! Program

ROI Pyramid

The Young Professional training program gives starters in your organization a solid foundation in the field of soft skills. This program makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses, teaches them to communicate clearly, and to give and receive good feedback. Attention is also paid to prioritizing, project management and sharing ideas in a structured way.

Base! Programm

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