The possibilities of training virtually, in times of remote work

Virtual learning opportunities and how we do this at Lepaya

We share McKinsey’s view that it is crucial to continue to develop people, also in crises-situations. But how to do so effectively? In a 1 hour, free webinar we show you the ins-and-outs of what is possible in virtual training, by combining the powerful Lepaya platform with tools like Zoom, Mural, etc.

We will first introduce you to some key elements we use in a Lepaya Virtual Classroom, and show what learning elements are effective in creating a fun yet practical training experience – using breakout rooms, whiteboards and more interactive activities.

After having given you a taste of virtual learning, our trainer will share and invite you to discuss some tips and tricks for remote learning, ending with an open discussion on this topic.


Got time? Train virtually!

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