Assertiveness & Influence

Achieving Commercial Success

By giving your employees the tools of strategic communication, you can help them to seek out and create opportunities. Employees will learn how to use communication to their advantage. By staying relevant and engaging, they convince their customers of their story. By using strategic communication your employees will form relationships with your customers, learn to take advantage of ideal moments to close the deal. Not only will the Achieving Commercial Success track improve your employees performance, but also the performance of your organization!

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Training topics

Spot and Create Opportunities

  • Reflect on your sales strengths and challenges
  • Practice defining the challenges and needs of a (potential) customer
  • Showcase your value using the reciprocity principle

Be Relevant

  • Build sustainable relationships by using the liking principle
  • Showcase your expertise and build trust by using the authority principle
  • Practice to communicate more convincingly by using the social proof principle

Close the Deal

  • Practice to communicate in an action-oriented way using the consistency principle
  • Use the scarcity principle to create urgency
  • Apply the push pull principle to close the deal

Assertiveness & Influence

Get your message across and achieve success with the Power Skill of Assertiveness & Influence

Good self representation, effective communication and persuasiveness are essential skills to create impact. A healthy dose of self-confidence and an assertive attitude are hugely beneficial to your employees’ communication. By developing their influence and assertiveness, employees will learn to take the lead in a conversation. They will bring conversations with their clients to the next level. Whether it is about spotting opportunities and convincing a client or taking the lead at an important team meeting, watch your employees take ownership of their communication with the Power Skills of Assertiveness and Influence.

Our belief on learning


Effective Form

Blended Learning

The most impact can be achieved by combining  short facilitated classroom sessions with online learning via our app

Flow of work

Integration into Microsoft Teams and Slack to support learning in the flow of work, with content on a just-in-time delivery


Highly Relevant

Career accelerators

The right training at the right moment in your career. Learning the right power skills lead to the most effective development 


Peers, direct reports and managers are actively involved in the learning process, while using your own cases 


Driving Impact


Our learners can apply what they learned directly in practice. We measure observable impact to celebrate progress 


Empowering professionals to lead happier lives, to empower them for an ever changing world

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