The 25 core skills

With the highest impact on professional success

We have selected the most impactful core skills on professional success, which can extremely help your employees, when they have just landed their first job, are currently establishing their professional career, or are on their journey in becoming a successful leader.

To support the development of employees, our portfolio includes topics like conscious communication, time management, coaching, difficult conversations, meeting management, and many more.

Young professionals

Growth mindset

Growth mindset

•  Become aware of one’s own strengths
•  Learn the importance of reflection to recognize areas of improvement
•  Be stimulated to actively try out new things to accelerate personal development

Conscious communication

Training feedback geven en ontvangen

•  Gain awareness of different levels of communication within a conversation
•  Learn to switch between different levels of communication
•  Practice making progress when a conversation gets stuck, by communicating on the right or a different level

Taking ownership
– project management  essentials

Project Management Training

•  Practice to plan projects in logical steps, milestones and take dependencies into consideration
•  Assess the optimal role for the stakeholders in projects and involve them accordingly

Actionable communication

•  Learn to structure your message and include a clear call-to-action
•  Practice conveying only key messages needed for impact
•  Practice to tailor a message to the audience and goal

Time management – prioritizing

Time Management Training

•  Understand the concept of urgent vs. important, and how this can impact priorities
•  Practice how to schedule, plan and prioritise

Feedback for growth

•  Learn to use examples of behavior & impact to illustrate feedback
•  Learn how to use critical feedback to modify behavior and practice engaging in constructive discussions
•  Discuss the importance of ongoing (frequent and informal) feedback

Personality profiling

•  Create awareness that there are a variety of personality styles and realize that others may have different preferences
•  Understand one’s own preferred style and the impact it has on communication and working together with others
•  Practice making an effort to accommodate those with other styles and preferences

Time management – protecting your time


•  Find out where you lose time during your workweek
•  Practice different interventions to counter time killers
•  Get into the routine of protecting your own agenda

Commercial sensitivity

•  Practice explaining in a simple and convincing way what your company does, what makes it special and how it helps clients
•  Learn to spot opportunities and reflect on how to activate them
•  Practice in addressing commercial opportunities with the potential client


Personal strengths development


•  Become aware of your own strengths and weaknesses
•  Be stimulated to actively work on and leverage your strengths to accelerate personal development

Impactful influencing

•  Recognize attitude and stance of a conversation counterpart
•  Understand the link between the stance of a counterpart, and the optimum influencing approach
•  Practice to actively switch between influencing approaches to reach the desired outcome

Structured storytelling

•  Learn to apply structure to your communication and a clear logic and reasoning
•  Practice to scope the question at hand and define your recommendation
•  Practice to tailor a message to the audience and goal

Presenting with confidence

•  Learn how to leverage personal strengths in giving presentations
•  Understand the dynamics of anxiety and pressure that can influence presentations and how to mitigate those
•  Practice a daily routine before presentations that will help with becoming confident in presenting

Leading stakeholders

•  Learn to assess different stakeholders’ roles, sphere/type of influence and disposition
•  Practice to adapt engagement strategies to different stakeholders, taking into account culture and personality
•  Learn to identify and mitigate potential sources of conflict

Managing stress & energy

•  Learn what stress is and how it works in the body
•  Explore the four internal batteries of high performance and learn to keep them charged or recharge them
•  Practice developing a personal energy renewal plan

Entrepreneurial mindset

•  Gain knowledge, tools and first hand experience on start-up thinking (ideate, prototype, validate)
•  Discuss and practice applying start-up concepts in every day-to-day job
•  Learn to apply Empathy map interviewing, use Point-of-View statements and various brainstorm & feedback methodologies

Unbiased communication

•  Learn how to recognize, address and mitigate (unconscious) biases in your daily communication
•  Practice with different types of listening and consciously applying filters
•  Reflecting on filters that may bias your listening


Leadership styles

Leadership Training

•  Understand leadership styles through a leadership style assessment
•  Get to know and recognize different styles in a group exercise
•  Practice how to apply the different styles in a leadership context (taking the situation, audience and intention into account)

Difficult conversations

•  Roleplay situations in which conversations can become difficult or emotional (e.g. bad news)
•  Understand personal conflict preferences, and practice how to employ different conversation/response modes
•  Use tools to intervene in a conversation when it becomes difficult or gets stuck

Effective team management

•  Practice with applying situational leadership to empower colleagues
•  Reflect and define actions on how to create a good team environment
•  Define actions on how to improve productivity by focusing on goals, alignment & continuous improvement

Hiring for success

•  Understand what to look for in a candidate, and make the right preparations to hire the best-fit candidate
•  Learn how to objectively test for results based on the past experience of the candidate and consider any biases
•  Learn how to find the right cultural fit for the company

Strategy & prioritization

Multidisciplinary teams

•  Reflect on the overall organization’s goal, and the way in which different teams contribute to this
•  Practice with assessing & prioritizing drivers to influence and realize your goals
•  Assess and define actions to improve your (team’s) strategic focus


Coaching Training

•  Get to know the different coaching styles and reflect on when to apply them
•  Use effective application of the GROW model

People development

Soft Skills Training

•  Learn how to structure and prepare a development conversation
•  Practice on having discussions about both performance (outcomes) as well as (underlying) motives, fears or blockers
•  Practice and reflect on creating learning opportunities for team members

Meeting mastery

•  Learn how to diagnose typical meeting challenges that impact meeting’s effectiveness
•  Develop advanced facilitation skills to make any meeting more energizing and productive

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