Vitality & Focus

Building Resilience

Increasing their resilience helps employees to manage their stress and energy. By giving your employees the tools to better deal with stress and energy, they will learn to manage their stress and energy levels. Knowing when and how to recharge their batteries, helps your employees to manage their energy levels effectively. Helping your employees to manage and work along with their stress levels will give them the opportunity to increase their resilience. The Building Resilience track helps your employees to use stress management to their advantage and manage their energy levels more effectively.

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Training topics

Working With Stress

  • Know how to work under optimum levels of stress, in flow
  • Learn how to recognize stress signals
  • Understand how to handle too much stress

Manage Your Energy

  • Learn which batteries balance your energy levels
  • Explore strategies to recharge your four internal batteries
  • Develop a personal energy renewal plan

Vitality & Focus

Boost happiness and energy within your team with the Power Skill of Vitality & Focus

Investing in vitality benefits your organization in a number of ways. Whether it is contributing to better business results or improving your organizations sustainable employability, it is a skill worth investing in. As such, through vitality focused training, employees will become more productive and manage stress effectively. They will be better prepared to respond to major changes and adjustments within the organization. Vitality in your organization ensures less staff turnover and a better working climate. ‘Focus’ is an equally essential topic in creating a healthy and vitalized work environment. Many of today’s employees have difficulty with prioritizing their tasks, and so spread themselves too thin. With focus training, employees will learn to develop their own optimal work routine that suits their natural preferences. With the Power Skill of Vitality & Focus, employees will manage their energy, feel vitalised, focused and happy at work.

Our belief on learning


Effective Form

Blended Learning

The most impact can be achieved by combining  short facilitated classroom sessions with online learning via our app

Flow of work

Integration into Microsoft Teams and Slack to support learning in the flow of work, with content on a just-in-time delivery


Highly Relevant

Career accelerators

The right training at the right moment in your career. Learning the right power skills lead to the most effective development 


Peers, direct reports and managers are actively involved in the learning process, while using your own cases 


Driving Impact


Our learners can apply what they learned directly in practice. We measure observable impact to celebrate progress 


Empowering professionals to lead happier lives, to empower them for an ever changing world

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