Can AI Make You A Better Presenter?

16 Sep, 2022Adam Sidorczuk

It’s been said that an investment in knowledge pays interest. Yet Learning & Development hasn’t changed much for forty years. Aside from digitizing learning content into online modules, it’s a stagnant sector that’s lacked both innovation and imagination. At Lepaya, we’re here to change all that.

As part of our ongoing vision of “leveling up” everyone in the workforce to a consistent standard, Lepaya has just acquired vCOACH to enhance our online coaching. vCOACH uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized training, helping employees present more confidently, recognize communication patterns, adapt to recipient needs, and leverage personality assessments, as well as motivating feedback and better teamwork.

vCOACH users simply upload videos of their own presentations. The award-winning AI vCOACH solution analyses them, providing feedback directly without the intervention of a person. Its agility means it can be used on a mobile phone when and wherever employees want, providing fast and immediate feedback, and accelerating the learning curve. And here’s the best part: vCOACH increases both objectivity and discretion with a 50% measured improvement in previous participants.

The acquisition fits perfectly with our modern approach to blended learning. We combine the latest technology tools with both in-person face-to-face and virtual classrooms, that appeal to how the younger generation entering today’s labor market wants to learn. It’s a true one-stop shop for enterprise customers.

VCoach acquisition

At Lepaya, we teach the right skill, at the right time and in the right way. And we do so consistently across every region, ensuring global uniformity in skill levels for the same role in every country so there’s no ‘weak link’ in regional learning. vCOACH helps us enhance this even further, whether employees are just starting to learn presentation skills or are seasoned professionals looking to sharpen their delivery.

In addition to enhancing presentation and communication skills, we teach eight critical Power Skills that are function agnostic and proven to be the predictor of company success. These eight essential skills cover 90% of the learning needs of an organization. We train these skills so they can be applied wherever a new skill set is most urgently required. We’ve also found that ‘upskilling’ using these specific skills is invaluable in helping employees better navigate change, successfully deal with unexpected curveballs and boost engagement.

We deliver skills for every level and at every career point globally and consistently – from starters to professionals to first-time leaders and first-time managers. Programs are customized to the organization, contextualized locally, and personalized by learners to achieve the same proficiencies globally.

The pandemic triggered mass transformation to jobs globally, burnout rates are rising, companies face a wave of new recruitment challenges from the Great Resignation and the the skills gap is widening as Baby Boomers continue to retire or seek flexible terms. We believe that ‘upskilling’ will become applicable to the vast majority of employees within three years as global market forces continue to push employees to retrain and acquire new skills to keep the pace in their work environment.

Let us know your experiences on how you’ve used AI to enhance your own potential. You can also check out a demo of vCOACH or any of our eight Power Skills, by clicking here.