April 1, 2021

Microsoft Teams meets Lepaya: 3 benefits to optimize the the learner journey

Microsoft Teams popularity grew exponentially in 2020, seeing the number of daily active users rise…
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Growth mindset
LearningModule 101
March 11, 2020

Module 101: Growth Mindset (Base!) – The mindset that creates and stimulates empowerment

Employees with a growth mindset often feel far more empowered and committed than those who…
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May 22, 2019

(Soft skills) ontwikkelen doe je zo!

Lepaya heeft soft skill trainingen voor millennials ontwikkeld die precies aansluiten op de belangrijke momenten…
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mind growth
April 3, 2019

Focus on your mind growth!

What will your job be like in five years’ time? And what capabilities will you…
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non-linear learning
February 12, 2019

Linear or non-linear learning: What does yours look like?

We, humans, tend to look at the world in terms of cause and effect: A…
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November 23, 2018

Sitting and listening is ‘so 2018’- flip the script!

When we teach children about history, biology or grammar a lot of classroom time is…
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October 31, 2018

Tomorrow’s success depends on Soft Skills

Google recently conducted an internal study to identify the most important qualities of its top…
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