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Successfully improving the effectiveness of your team is a central topic within coaching. This improvement can be achieved with different coaching styles. The challenge lies in applying the different styles. Personal preferences and the intended effect must be taken into account. But how do you go about it when a conversation gets stuck? And how do you ask the right questions?

All of these topics are discussed in our Coaching Training. Team leads will learn to apply the different coaching styles and reflect on when to use which one. Moreover, they learn how to apply the GROW model effectively and thus gain more insight into their strength as a coach. The training is provided using Lepaya’s unique blended learning method. This makes the training not only impactful, but also measurable! The perfect recipe for personal development

Coaching Training

What do employees learn during the Coaching training?

Apply various coaching styles in different situations

Effective application of the GROW model

Insight into their strength as a coach

Coaching as a topic in the Beyond! Program

Coaching Training - Move forward by reaching out

Our specialists think with you from start to finish

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Leadership Training

Leadership Training

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