Future of learning: Is VR a cool gimmick? Or a L&D solution?

After carefully researching if Virtual Reality can enhance the effectiveness of training, the VR Lepaya team has found that VR has long surpassed the stage of ‘cool gimmick’ and can prove its worth when it comes to teaching skills.

Join Huipeng, VR Project Manager at Lepaya, for a talk on Virtual Reality’s place within L&D. She will discuss key insights on training and the future of VR training.

Monday, 23th of May 2022 – 5:00 pm CET

Duration: 45 mins
Location: Zoom

Future of learning: VR

About the webinar

Focusing on a return to workforce growth requires looking into our L&D strategies. Are we training efficiently? Or are there solutions that can help employees learn and develop in a better way?

Research done by Lepaya and Parable shows that 30 minutes of VR was 85% more effective than 1 hour standalone face-to-face and virtual classroom sessions in teaching skills. Join Huipeng as she talks about the key insights of this research and about what Lepaya is doing when it comes to Virtual Reality training solutions . Huipeng will also discuss the future of VR within L&D, looking at the development of the solution and VR tools in detail. VR can boost your L&D strategy, don’t miss out on this talk!

During this webinar you will hear about:

  • The latest insights on VR training, how effective is VR?
  • How VR can boost your L&D strategy
  • Where VR is going: development of VR platforms and the editor tool
  • Where to start implementing VR into your strategy

“The ability to train quickly and efficiently is critical as we look to keep employees’ skill sets relevant in unpredictable times.” Bob Baskette, founder and CTO of Roundtable Learning

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Meet Huipeng, VR & XR Project Manager at Lepaya

Huipeng has many years of experience working in the virtual reality field. She was involved in Shanghai Media Group’s investment in Jaunt, a VR startup, as a strategic analyst. She later joined the Jaunt China team and worked on the global distribution of some award-winning VR films and animations. She also worked as a senior new media project manager at Fosun Group, where she was involved in managing several immersive experience projects set up in hotels or resorts. Currently, she is dedicated to developing and scaling up VR training at Lepaya.