Excel Training for organizations

Data literacy, or data analytical skills, is a skillset that is more important today than ever. It enables managers and professionals alike to critically ask questions about data, make decisions and share the results with others.

Like any valuable skill you learn- learning to deal with data doesn’t happen overnight! To provide a good basis for data skills, we use Excel as a data analysis tool. Our training is unlike any traditional Excel training course as we use learning paths that deliver impactful trainings. In our Excel training courses we teach professionals, step by step, how to work with data with confidence.

Effective learning paths in Excel

Teach employees how they can use data in their daily work at a challenging pace

Give employees tools to make their daily work more efficient with Excel

Training that provides energetic short learning interventions at each employees own level 

Excel training courses at every level

Do you want to give employees in your organization the ability to use Excel as a tool for data analysis? Or perhaps help them learn how they can get insights from their data with simple calculations and formulas? Or do you want to give your Excel Experts even more new techniques and smart solutions for Excel problems? Then we have the training for you! Check out our Excel trainings for all levels below, from beginners to experts. 

Excel Training Level 1

Level 1

The basics of working with data in Excel: 

 Getting to know Excel and learning to understand the power of data

Excel training level 2

Level 2

Data visualization with pivot tables: 

Learning to build clear dashboards and make smart data-driven decisions

Excel Training Level 3

Level 3

The Essentials: 

Learning to lay a solid foundation to gain more insights from collected data through formulas and techniques.

Excel training level 4

Level 4

For advanced users: 

By working dynamically and error-free it is possible to create even more space for valuable analyses.

Excel training level 5

Level 5

Becoming an Excel guru: 

Getting everything out of Excel. Learning to build next level dashboards and working dynamically.

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