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Data literacy, or data analytical skills, is a skillset that is more important today than ever. It enables managers and professionals to critically ask questions about data, make decisions and share the results with others.

But you don't really get better with data in a day, it’s a process. To provide a good basis for this, we use Excel as a data analysis tool. Do not worry! No dusty Excel training courses, but learning paths that really make an impact. In our Excel training courses we teach professionals, step by step, how to work with data with confidence.

Excel Training

Effective learning paths in Excel

Teach employees how they can use data in their daily work at a challenging pace

Give employees tools to make their daily work more efficient with Excel

Choose an organization that consciously embraces data-driven working with Excel

Excel training courses at every level

Do you want to give your organization levers with Excel as a data analysis tool and learn how it can get insights from your data with simple calculations and formulas? Or do you want to provide the Excel experts from your organization with new techniques and smart solutions for Excel problems? No problem! We have Excel training for all levels, from beginners to experts.

The basics of working with data in Excel: Get to know Excel and learn to understand the power of data.

Data visualization with pivot tables: Learn to build clear dashboards and make smart data-driven decisions.

The Essentials: Lay a solid foundation here to gain more insights from your data through formulas and techniques.

For advanced users: By working dynamically and error-free you get even more space for valuable analyzes

Become a real Excel guru: Get everything out of Excel. Learn to build next level dashboards and work dynamically.

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