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What we offer​

Base! Program

Young professional Training


A solid foundation for your starting employees, which they can use in the years to come. Make them comfortable with facing challenges in their day-to-day working life.

A quick starter for your (young) professionals.

Build! program



Elevate the (hard) knowledge of your employees with strategic soft skills that reinforces the management of more complex projects involving multiple stakeholders.

Cultivate and nourish the development of your employees.

Beyond! Program

Diversity and Inclusion


Specifically tailored for your employees who are just transitioning into a team lead role. Enrich your employee’s professional and strategic skills, and let them take on new leadership challenges with full confidence.

Bolster and support your employees into the new leadership role.


What People Say About Us

After implementing the Lepaya Academy, which included programs for starters and managers we saw a clear uplift in ENPS. In the quarter after roll-out our ENPS grew from 24 to 42, driven by a higher appreciation of their personal growth opportunities.

Maya Chapman - Head of HR, Bloomon

We introduced the Lepaya program with the goal to keep our high contributors longer at Bynder. After 1 year, the attrition among participants halved compared to previous years.

Ruben Vermaak - Head of L&D, Bynder

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Soft & Hard Skills Training to Boost Business Performance

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