Health Care

Find the right balance

Your industry is one that's high pressured. This makes sense as your work will affect real lives. But this does mean that your employees will have to endure a lot. Long hours, mental exhaustion, stress...

Health Care is for everyone, and we shouldn't forget the people working within the industry. Because when your employees are healthy they will be even better at providing health care for others

Give them the tools they need. Train your employees in the right Power skills, make sure they are well equipped and your organization will be a place that allows for growth and innovation.

“Lepaya fits perfectly into the picture for us: a structured soft skill learning program of a very high level, aimed at today's employees”

Rob Wiggelinkhuizen, Associate Partner & Chief Talent Officer at SparkOptimus

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Health Care Power Skills Trainings

Vitality & Focus

Empathy & Inclusiveness

Empowerment & Team-Building

Building Resilience

  • Learn how to manage your energy levels effectively
  • Develop the ability to work along with stress & use it to your advantage
  • Become aware of your batteries & when to recharge them

Connecting with Empathy

  • Form deep connections of mutual understanding your colleagues
  • Learn to listen deeply & discover what your conversational partner is saying
  • Create an atmosphere of understanding in your organization

Enabling your People to Perform

  • Structure & prepare conversations & meetings with your team
  • Learn to ask the right questions of your team to create in-depth conversations 
  • Face difficult conversations with confidence

Industry expert:

Health Care consultant

Ritchie Commandeur

About Ritchie: Ritchie has worked in Learning and Development for over six years. Ever since he started he has been helping various Health Care organisations achieve their goals and successes. As a member of the Lepaya commercial team and with his passion for personal growth and drives, he continues to support our customers in being the best versions of themselves.

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