Modern Marketing Academy

Enrich and boost your knowledge, become (even more) successful in your role.
Elevate your Marketing performances now!

What is the Modern Marketing Academy?

Microsoft, in partnership with Lepaya & Make Marketing Magic, has co-created a program of six training modules to help you become (even more) successful in your role as a marketing professional or business owner. Expect marketing tools as well as soft skills & touches of innovation methodology.

Why should you participate?

The Academy emphasizes on training & practise and will fully enable you with knowledge & tools to independently create new marketing propositions for Microsoft technology. Learn to differentiate, communicate effectively & grow your business!

Who should participate?

1)   Business Owners who wants to create more focus.
2)   Marketing or Sales Team Leads who want to challenge the team, align and execute plans and all perform at a higher level.
3)   Marketing or Sales employees who want to get out of daily execution and re-learn and test skills.

OR anyone related to when you think of:
•   New (marketing) propositions
Bringing focus to target group
Proposition-client fit
Consistency and alignment in marketing & sales
•   Increasing your impact on the business

An academy that will teach and help you to develop and improve marketing at the same time.

Online learning in our app

Virtual classroom

Apply on the job

Program overview

Practical information


Number of participants:10 – 12 participants
Program duration:3 months
Program price:€999,- per person
Virtual classroom sessions:1) Kick-off & business model canvas: In planning
2) Potential market & Buyer persona: In planning
3) Structured Storytelling: In planning
4) Marketing Execution Plan: In planning
5) Channels & Sales Model: In planning
6) Impactful Influencing: In planning
Classroom duration:2.5 hours per module
Including:– All materials needed
– Use of online app
– Lepaya certificate

Participate in the Modern Marketing Academy!

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Blended app & classroom trainings

App learning - Through Lepaya App

Set training goals and prepare before- and after each classroom session. View models and theory in your own time when you want it. Practice with the content through mini-challenges and send nudges as reminders to continue learning and practicing. Finalize null assessments and impact measurements for completion.

Classroom learning - Through Microsoft Teams

Discover and experience interactive and hands-on classroom sessions, where personalized case studies will be used for maximum impact and learning. Practise with different interventions and Buddy exercises.


Meet your trainers & experts

Jette van den Berg

Lepaya -
Expert in Training & Soft Skills

Laura van Rij

Lepaya -
Expert in Training & Soft Skills

Tom Hölscher

Make Marketing Magic -
Expert in Marketing

Mariël Kroon

Make Marketing Magic -
Expert in Marketing