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Interview With The Founders: What Lepaya Has In Store For Us In 2019

The first week of January is great for reflection. It’s the moment the first New Year’s resolutions go out the window, especially those about more sports and a healthier diet. What remains after the fireworks euphoria settles down, are the plans that will (probably) stick. Today we’re hearing from Peter Kuperus and René Janssen

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Food for thought

Bring Out The Music- Facilitator!

The flipping the classroom theory has been around for decades, but so far failed to live up to its true potential. What is it about the traditional approach that gives it its stickiness? Why are most trainings still not fully flipped?

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Sitting And Listening Is ‘so 2018’- Flip The Script!

When we teach children about history, biology or grammar a lot of classroom time is dedicated to children listening quietly. Too many corporate trainings mirror that example. Too bad, because trainings could be so much more effective and engaging. How? By flipping the classroom.

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