Online Conference Platform Comparisons

10 Dec, 2020lepaya peter

UPDATE: Which (video) communication platform is the best?

We are using a wide range of virtual training platforms. But after careful consideration we have decided to continue using only Zoom, MS Teams and BigBlueButton at this time. All other video conferencing platforms have been temporarily put on hold for more thorough evaluation and testing regarding usability, privacy and security. Our experts are happy to walk you through these to get a clear overview of the pros and cons for each platform. See below for a simple table of key video conference platform differences and developments as of April 28, 2020.

virtual training platforms pros and cons

Keep checking our website for new developments. We are constantly evaluating new platforms. Contact us directly for more information.

Which (video) communication platform is best for a video conference?

Since working from home has become the new norm, the use of (video) communication platforms has increased enormously. This is especially true for Zoom. However, with the growth, more negative aspects quickly emerged, especially in the areas of privacy and security. In addition, many parties use software such as Microsoft Teams in-house – but is this suitable for training? As Lepaya, we decided to support a wide range of virtual training platforms, and work with each client to determine the best option. Currently, we offer support for the following platforms:

  1. Zoom
  2. Blue Jeans
  3. Webex (Cisco)
  4. Microsoft Teams

Our experts will be happy to walk you through these, so you get a clear overview of the advantages and disadvantages per platform. Below we have already included a simple table with the most important differences.