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We believe that learning should be challenging and fun. To achieve this and have an effective learning experience, we kindly ask you to take our 1-minute assessment first. That way you can enroll in the right level, with techniques you do not know yet and where you train with individuals of the same skill level and learning speed! You can register for the right starting level after the 1-minute assessment below

Lepaya offers courses at all levels; for those at the beginning of their learning curve but also for (very)  advanced users.  Regardless of what level, all of our learning journeys will improve your analytical skills which we find essential for any professional. Would you agree? Once you have built a solid foundation in Excel, it is time to continue with advanced Excel training, learn how to present data (Storytelling, Powerpoint) or start visualizing data using BI tooling such as Power BI.

Our courses are fun, energetic and highly relevant. You will save lots of time and become more productive after following our courses which are packed with lots of tips & tricks!

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