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These soft skills are needed by managers for growth

Lepaya provides courses in ‘soft skills’ such as giving feedback, conducting difficult conversations and managing teams. Training courses that entrepreneurs can benefit from. In our podcast, founder René Janssen gives a small steam course and talks about the growth of his company.

René Janssen saw that something was missing in the current training courses for employees and decided to jump into that gap with Lepaya. According to him, most training sessions help with practical or personal skills, while there are few training sessions in matters such as leading teams or having difficult conversations. Although these are not skills that people naturally possess.

Importance of soft skills

A lack of these soft skills, among managers, can lead to unpleasant situations, says Janssen. For example, sometimes employees do not know at all what the long-term goals of a company are, because a manager does not communicate well enough about it. Or employees never receive feedback or it is ”unusable” feedback. This has major consequences: “Employees who do not feel that they are developing are more likely to leave.”

Growth of 300 percent per year

That there is a demand for the training of Lepaya, can be seen from the 300 percent growth per year. According to Janssen, soft skills also play a role in achieving that growth. Clearly communicating the purpose is important, as is listening to staff. Don’t dictate how employees should achieve their goals, but actively ask for their own input, says Janssen.

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