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Power BI Training for organizations

Power BI is the tool for visualizing large datasets from different data sources. Central to this is the processing of large amounts of data in visually attractive dashboards. This gives employees tools to obtain real-time interactive insights from big data.
In our Power BI training courses we teach your organization to create powerful dashboards quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter whether the data source is an online server or an Excel file, Power BI is the solution. Often different people in the organization depend on these dashboards, and they must be able to gain insights from them in an easy way. During the Power BI training courses, we teach employees, in addition to creating visually attractive dashboards, also how to share them directly with others. This also allows them to get interactive insights from the dashboard!

Effective learning paths in Power BI

Learn to build impressive visual dashboards in 2 weeks

Analyze large datasets with Power BI and share visual insights with others within the team or organization

Create powerful and dynamic dashboards, without advanced skills or programming skills

Power BI training at every level

You can get started with Power BI at any level at Lepaya. Whether it concerns loading data or editing different data sources within Power Query: after this training every employee creates powerful dashboards based on multiple data sources, regardless of the level. We offer the right training for every level: from beginner to advanced. In this way, every internal and external presentation becomes a substantive and visual party!

Learn the basic techniques within Power BI. From importing and preparing data to visualizing a basic dashboard.

Discover the more advanced DAX and Power Query techniques within Power BI to create a highly interactive dashboard.

Power BI - Move forward by reaching out

Our specialists think along with you from start to finish.

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