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Project Management Training for organizations

Project-based working is becoming increasingly common in organization. As a team, you want to create structure and maintain control over your projects. Part of this involves having someone that is firmly in control of the project. But how can you ensure this? And how do you optimally involve stakeholders in this process?

Discover the key to a successful project with our Project Management training. Employees learn how to effectively set up their projects, from start to finish! The training is suitable not only for project managers, but also for employees whose tasks lie in the field of project management. They will learn how to use their role optimally and involve every stakeholder in a relevant way.

Project Management Training

Project management training helps to achieve goals

Understand how to map stakeholders and what it takes to engage them

Learn to apply different project management techniques to help achieve goals

How every person can be successful in a project team, from a manager and a participant perspective.

Project Management as a topic in the Base! Program

ROI Pyramid

The Young Professional training program gives starters in your organization a solid foundation in the field of soft skills. This program makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses, teaches them to communicate clearly, and to give and receive good feedback. Attention is also paid to prioritizing, project management and sharing ideas in a structured way.

Base! Program

Project Management Training - Move forward by reaching out

Our specialists support you from start to finish.

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Time Management Training

Time Management Training

Want to deal with time more effectively? Discover our Time Management Training

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