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Soft skills: The driver for continuous growth

Train the core skills of your professionals

The soft skills of professionals are very decisive when it comes to collaboration, solving creative problems, effective communication and more. Lepaya trains these core skills that they need at a specific moment in their career.

Directly applicable via blended learning

Short (3-hour) interactive sessions, using the Lepaya app before and after, which helps you put what you have learned into practice and makes your progress measurable.

The best trainers

We have trainers who have stood in your shoes and understand that a theory does not always work 1-on-1 in practice.

Picnic - Manager
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I found the combination between the app and a real training very pleasant. This allowed me to practice in my own time.
L'Oréal - Employee
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Through the trainings of Lepaya, I have gained more confidence. I approach colleagues more easily now and give more feedback than before.
Bloomon - Employee
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The training has taught me to argue better. And above all, it has made me more effective in my communication. I'm happy with it.
SparkOptimus - Employee
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The trainer and actor were very good. In other training courses that I have followed this was sometimes disappointing. Oh, yes, and the Lepaya app is great.
Bynder - Employee
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With my Learning budget I have chosen Lepaya for a soft skill training. Lepaya is a scale-up, they understand what young people need in a training.
Bol.com - Employee
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Lepaya understands what is important for Young Professionals and you notice this in their training and the content. My colleagues and I found it all a very useful investment.

Our clients

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