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HR Handbook Essentials for Leaders

Part 1

  • Group 24 Help leaders to set the right strategy & priorities
  • Group 24 Empower your organization with psychological safety
  • Group 24 Master meetings with the Switch Box model

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How this HR Handbook helps you

You want to support your organization and align workers to strive for a common goal. Certain skills are essential for leaders to thrive in an organization. We are confident this overview of topics will enlighten leaders in your organization and give them (and you) guidance when it comes to building teams.

About us

Train the core skills of your professionals

The soft skills of professionals are very decisive when it comes to collaboration, solving creative problems, effective communication and more. Lepaya trains these core skills that they need at a specific moment in their career.

Soft Skills Training

Directly applicable via blended learning

Short (3-hour) classroom training, using the Lepaya app before and after, which helps you put what you have learned into practice and makes your progress measurable.


The best trainers

We have trainers who have stood in your shoes and understand that a theory does not always work 1-on-1 in practice.



What customers say about us

After implementing the Lepaya Academy, which included programs for starters and managers we saw a clear uplift in ENPS. In the quarter after roll-out our ENPS grew from 24 to 42, driven by a higher appreciation of their personal growth opportunities.

Maya Chapman - Head of HR, Bloomon

We introduced the Lepaya program with the goal to keep our high contributors longer at Bynder. After 1 year, the attrition among participants halved compared to previous years.

Ruben Vermaak - Head of L&D, Bynder

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