Webinar: How to retain talent?

Reduce the chance that the best people leave your organization

As an HR professional, you understand better than anyone how tight the labour market is. Talent is hard to find and staff turnover is higher than ever. How do you turn this around? It is now more important than ever to sustainably invest in your employees. They are the ones who help your organisation move forward and make the difference.


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Staff turnover is higher than ever, how do you turn this around?

When it comes to employee turnover, your organization is not alone in struggling with high rates, or at least higher rates than you would like. No less than 60% percent of HR professionals indicate that they have difficulty keeping talent on board. McKinsey’s research into Fortune 500 organizations shows that even the largest organizations struggle to keep their talent on board.

Meet your host: Lisanne Bos - de Zeeuw

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Lisanne is a Strategic Account Manager & Public Speaker at Lepaya. Her interest in lifelong learning is a major component of Lisanne’s life. She fundamentally believes that you can be your most authentic (and in her case joyful and energetic) self, both at work and home. In her role at Lepaya, Lisanne works daily with HR and L&D professionals in strategic learning initiatives, academies, and programs to empower employees with Power Skills they need in this ever-changing world.

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