Womens History Month: Geraldine Schepers

15 Mar, 2022Renske Start

Our Head of Operations Geraldine Schepers gives an insight into her career and role

At Lepaya we would like to take the time to appreciate the women at Lepaya. This month each week, we share the inspiring story from one of our female colleagues to celebrate their personal and career achievements. We started the month off with an interview with Sara Shehata, talking about her role within the tech team.

This week in the spotlight our Head of Operations – Geraldine Schepers:

“At the beginning of my career, I remember not always feeling comfortable sharing my opinion during meetings and not speaking up. It was mainly my inner voice that would focus on the scary/the complex/the risks and doubts.

At the company I was working at (at that time), there was an opportunity to be coached by a mentor. He encouraged me to feel confident about my contributions and voice those. He took the examples of some feedback that I had shared with him 1:1 and how no one else had raised those points before; it made me realize that I should have shared it more broadly as they were valid and valuable points. Not sharing was a missed opportunity to demonstrate the value I bring to the team – lessons learned!

This made me truly understand what I bring to the table and that you can mute the self-doubting thoughts. The mentor made me realize that I can trust my own judgment and that my opinion counts. Worse comes to worst – you say something not so brilliant, and no one dies from that!”

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