What is the right mindset?

Equality, Inclusiveness and Diversity; creating the right company culture where everybody fits in in a time where a lot of organizations are still working remotely, building a culture of inclusion is arguably more important than ever. Creating a company culture that focuses on empowering values to promote healthy discussions, open-mindedness, non-judgmental attitudes, and valuing different perspectives and ideas, does not only greatly benefit employee satisfaction but organizations that have successfully established a diverse and inclusive workforce, are known to reap better business results as well.

The meaning of diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is about dealing with unconscious bias. Accepting everyone for what they are good at, rather than their ethnicity, and most importantly, not missing out on talent by having the right mindset! Everyone is different, and people require specific tools to perform at their best. Therefore, it is in your hands to find and provide everyone with the tools for them to succeed!
“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”
Albert Einstein

Creating a company that is equitative could be interesting for your organization to ensure policies and procedures that leave no one behind and are designed to accommodate differences in employees’ circumstances, abilities and goals.

This picture illustrates further what equity means. If we would judge the performance of the person in the wheelchair by his or her ability to ride the regular bike, it would entail an equal assessment to that of the woman on the right, this would however not be equitable as you cannot expect him or her to ride that regular bike.

It is important to give everyone an equal chance to prove themselves, give them the opportunity to show what they are good at. This does not necessarily imply that every organization should have equality of outcome, but it means that nobody should be left behind in a company culture.

3 steps to take action

How can you ensure that your organization has the right mindset?

1. Focus on skills when hiring

When comparing different people, facing the choice on day-to-day tasks such as who to hire, it is important that you become aware of subconscious bias. In order for you to hire the right people in your company, you have to focus on the skills of the individual you are interacting with, rather than allowing race, colour, or gender, to stand in the way.

Any culture can bring value to a company, therefore the idea is to combine them basing your hiring decisions on which skills you are looking for, not what type of person you need.

2. Let them speak up

Communication is key. You may not be aware of underlying issues that take place in your company. Therefore, it is an absolute necessity to create situations where people can speak and express themselves.

By finding out whether your employees are comfortable in the workplace, you will ensure a more compact company, and employees who trust each other. This stays consistent in virtual teams too, as this study supports.

3. Promote the right company culture

Adding onto the topic of communication, it is, once again, in your hands to stay true to the right company values, and, in the case that these are missing, to create the right values for your organization. Company values work as guidelines for employees. An arrow that points to the right direction on how a worker should behave with their peers. Many times, these values are stated within the company culture, however, they are not properly implemented. They are left out in a piece of paper, rather than being periodically reminded.

Start creating a Diversity & Inclusion mindset

Creating the right company culture sets all of our key takeaways together! Communication is key, so allow your employees to speak up; hire people based on their skills, and remember that it is in your hands to provide your employees with the right tools to succeed, and to make your company a better place! 

If you are interested in more information on how to create the right Diversity & Inclusion culture in your company, we have a program to help you with that right here.

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