Food for thought
le 20 juillet 2020

Des expériences d’onboarding qui permettent aux nouveaux employés de s’épanouir au travail

New position, new environment, new colleagues – it can be quite nerve-wracking, challenging yet exciting.…
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About Us
juin 4, 2020

The life of Interns at Lepaya

Discover the stories of our interning Lepayaans. Find out what it would feel like as…
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avril 29, 2020

Online video conference platform comparisons

UPDATE: Which (video) communication platform is best? Previously we announced that we use a wide…
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Food for thoughtLearning
le 16 avril 2020

Comment les responsables peuvent-ils maintenir l’engagement et la performance des employés travaillant à distance ?

Team management has always been a challenge for most leaders, this has been even harder…
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LearningModule 101
le 11 mars 2020

Module 101 : L’état d’esprit de développement (Base !) – L’état d’esprit qui crée et stimule l’empowerment

Employees with a growth mindset often feel far more empowered and committed than those who…
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LearningModule 101
le 4 mars 2020

Module 101 : La résolution de problèmes, une compétence à maîtriser

Problem-solving is a universal skill that is highly wanted by employers. It is applicable in…
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