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Diversity & Inclusion
in the workplace

Empathy & Inclusiveness

The Diversity and Inclusion program is essential in a world where diversity and inclusion are undeniably one of the first social concerns of many organizations. How can you truly make everybody feel welcome in the workplace has become a top priority. This program will learn employees how to observe and act equally no matter someones background or profile.

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Diversity & Inclusion training for every future-proof employer

Empathy & Inclusiveness

Connecting with Empathy

Help your employees to develop meaningful relationships of understanding and unity with the skills of empathic listening. Communicating clearly and persuasively teaches employees to listen and connect with one another, creating an atmosphere of understanding in your organization.

Empathy & Inclusiveness

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

By educating your employees to be diverse and inclusive in their behaviour and roles, you create a work environment that is welcoming and open. To ensure the wellbeing of your employee and for the benefit of your organization, fostering diversity and inclusion is a vital skill to have.

The way we train diversity in the workplace

Lepaya trains organizations to adhere to values in the field of diversity and inclusion. For this, we developed a unique learning method, combining online and offline learning. This means that participants take short bite-sized assignments via the Lepaya app. Subsequently, a 3-hour (virtual) classroom session is conducted to train staff with actors. Finally, participants are provided with follow-up assignments to anchor their new skills in their daily work.

Looking for a thorough training that will help develop an understanding of the topic of Diversity and Inclusion? Choose the impactful approach followed by HR departments of well-known national and international organizations.

Our belief on learning


Effective Form

Le Blended Learning

The most impact can be achieved by combining  short facilitated classroom sessions with online learning via our app

Flow of work

Integration into Microsoft Teams and Slack to support learning in the flow of work, with content on a just-in-time delivery


Highly Relevant

Career accelerators

The right training at the right moment in your career. Learning the right power skills lead to the most effective development 


Peers, direct reports and managers are actively involved in the learning process, while using your own cases 


Driving Impact


Our learners can apply what they learned directly in practice. We measure observable impact to celebrate progress 


Empowering professionals to lead happier lives, to empower them for an ever changing world


Ce qu’on dit sur nous

Après avoir lancé la Lepaya Academy qui comprenait les formations pour les personnes débutant leur carrière et celles ayant un poste de direction, nous avons observé une nette augmentation dans les eNPS. Au cours du trimestre suivant le lancement, notre eNPS est passé de 24 à 42. Cette augmentation était due à l’appréciation grandissante du développement personnel.

Maya Chapman - Dirigeante RH, Bloomon

Nous avons instauré le programme Lepaya dans le but de garder nos employés les plus précieux plus longtemps chez Bynder. Après un an, la fluctuation des participants a été divisée par deux par rapport aux années précédentes.

Ruben Vermaak - Dirigeant du département formation & développement, Bynder

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