Empowerment & Team-Building

Flourishing on Feedback

Creating a feedback culture will contribute to successful communication and growth within your organization. By encouraging your employees to effectively give and receive feedback, you help them to contribute to this culture. In doing so, your employees can help one another achieve greatness with the right feedback. Your employees will learn to flourish off the back of advice and use it to improve their skills and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. With the Flourishing on Feedback track, you can develop a culture of feedback across your organization and promote your employees development.


Contenus de formation

Feedback for Growth

  • Discuter l’importance du feedback continué
  • Apprenez à distinguer les observations des interprétations lorsque vous donnez du feedback
  • Recognize and overcome feedback blockers

Driving a Feedback Culture

  • Identify the current feedback culture within your team or organization
  • Define practical interventions to work towards a performance culture
  • Recognize feedback culture blockers and actively practice combating these

Empowerment & Team-Building

Grow and achieve more together with your team with the Power Skill of Empowerment & Team-Building

An organization can only develop as the teams within do. In any organization, each team works towards a common goal, yet each employee has their own objectives. By giving your employees the ability to empower and build their teams up, you will ensure your teams work effectively, collaboratively and have fun while doing so. Helping your employees to work collaboratively towards a common goal empowers them both as individuals and as a team. For these teams to succeed in their goals, your leaders will learn to ensure they hire the best people into their teams! Your employees are your most valuable asset, it is crucial that you bring in and keep the right people to succeed. With the Power Skills of Empowerment & Team-Building, you can strengthen your organization from within.

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Le Blended Learning

The most impact can be achieved by combining  short facilitated classroom sessions with online learning via our app

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Integration into Microsoft Teams and Slack to support learning in the flow of work, with content on a just-in-time delivery


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The right training at the right moment in your career. Learning the right power skills lead to the most effective development 


Peers, direct reports and managers are actively involved in the learning process, while using your own cases 


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Our learners can apply what they learned directly in practice. We measure observable impact to celebrate progress 


Empowering professionals to lead happier lives, to empower them for an ever changing world

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I think it’s really good to reflect on yourself as a recruiter and share your learnings and questions. It was very helpful.
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It gave insights on my pitfalls, bad practices and weeknesses regarding feedback giving. Gave me a framework and tools on how to do it more impactfully.
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Very insightful to practice this because you normally cannot with real life colleagues and real life problems.

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