Assertiveness & Influence

Getting Your Message Across

Dynamic conversations happen across all organizational levels. It is vital that your employees learn how they can communicate most effectively to convey their message. By learning the best way to communicate in all of their interactions, your employees will develop their conversational skills. By developing these skills, they learn to get their story across in an engaging and relevant manner. The Getting Your Message Across track gives employees the tools to competently communicate their message. This shows them to use dynamic conversation to influence stakeholders. Encourage your employees to represent themselves and your organization well.


Contenus de formation

Personality Profiling

  • Become aware of the variety of personality styles
  • Understand your preferred style and the impact it has on your collaboration with others
  • Practice with adjusting your style to accommodate those with other styles and preferences
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Conscious Communication

  • Prenez conscience de différents niveaux de communication lors d’une discussion.
  • Découvrez les méthodes que vous pouvez utiliser pour apprendre à passer d’un niveau de communication à l’autre
  • Intervenez dans une discussion lorsque celle-ci n’avance pas

Impactful Influencing

  • Décodez l’attitude de votre interlocuteur.
  • Understand the effect your stance has on the stance of a counterpart
  • Practice to actively switch between influencing approaches

Assertiveness & Influence

Get your message across and achieve success with the Power Skill of Assertiveness & Influence

Good self representation, effective communication and persuasiveness are essential skills to create impact. A healthy dose of self-confidence and an assertive attitude are hugely beneficial to your employees’ communication. By developing their influence and assertiveness, employees will learn to take the lead in a conversation. They will bring conversations with their clients to the next level. Whether it is about spotting opportunities and convincing a client or taking the lead at an important team meeting, watch your employees take ownership of their communication with the Power Skills of Assertiveness and Influence.

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Le Blended Learning

The most impact can be achieved by combining  short facilitated classroom sessions with online learning via our app

Flow of work

Integration into Microsoft Teams and Slack to support learning in the flow of work, with content on a just-in-time delivery


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Career accelerators

The right training at the right moment in your career. Learning the right power skills lead to the most effective development 


Peers, direct reports and managers are actively involved in the learning process, while using your own cases 


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Our learners can apply what they learned directly in practice. We measure observable impact to celebrate progress 


Empowering professionals to lead happier lives, to empower them for an ever changing world

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Happy participants of the Assertiveness & Influence
Power Skill Training

Ace & Tate
Ace & TateEmployee
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It’s something everyone does, but not everyone acknowledges. If people would understand more what the levels are and how you can use them - it will help and create less miscommunication.
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Doesn’t matter on what level you operate, this really can be / is an eye opener for everyone. In business and in private situations.
ERIKS Digital
ERIKS DigitalEmployee
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The scenarios were very good, the acting, interventions and realism also. This was an excellent way to practice.

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