We are extremely proud to announce that we have successfully become a member of the NRTO Quality Mark Association.

The NRTO certification - A sign of quality

The NRTO is the Dutch association/council for Training and Education (in Dutch ”Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding”). The NRTO quality mark is a sign of professionalism in the training market and gives you the absolute certainty of making the right decision when choosing us as your allied training partner.

NRTO certification

A provider with the NRTO quality mark meets high quality requirements and has been tested for this by an external certification body. A provider with the NRTO quality mark has also shown to be transparent about products and services, offers adequate services, has professional dealings with customers, has expert staff, and measures customer satisfaction.


We are very proud to become an active member of the NRTO and be accepted for all of these qualities. We wish to continue growing next to you to achieve even more! You can also find more information about the NRTO certificate on their official website

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