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Storytelling with Data Training for organizations

You analyze data using tools such as Excel or Power BI. But to ensure your analyzes have an impact, you must also present your findings. Which chart best suits your insights and how do you create a powerful PowerPoint presentation that tells and supports your story?

In our storytelling with data training, employees learn, in an interactive way, the different facets of data visualization and storytelling. How to choose a good title, which visualisations work for different data, which graphs work, and which don't, and how to create a good slideshow. Learn it all here!

Storytelling with Data Training

What do employees learn in Storytelling with Data Training?

Data literacy is an important topic for organizations that want to be more data-driven. Communicating insights effectively is an important aspect of this topic. By participating in our Storytelling with Data Training, employees will be able to:

Use the tools they learn to create interesting and impactful slides

Create intriguing titles for their work, in line with the purpose of the story

Tell a story based on appropriate visualisations

Storytelling with data training is for professionals who ..

Developers Training

Report regularly to the team or to the manager

Want to make an impact with their own analyzes and insights

Want to learn more about graphs and data visualization

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