Hiring for Success - Lepaya Webinar

Interviewing Fundamentals to grow a dream team

  • 18th March 2021
  • 11:00 -12:00 CET
This interactive session is in progress or has concluded. Stay tuned for the next free interactive online sessions!

Que gagnerez-vous ?

  • Learn how to define the competencies & successes for the role you are recruiting for.
  • Tips to build rapport and create a connection with your candidate
  • How to form competency-based interview questions to collect the insights you need
  • New connections as you interact with fellow attendees

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Lepaya in action

C’est l’occasion de jeter un coup d’œil sur la méthode de formation de Lepaya. Découvrez les éléments abordés pendant nos unités de formation. Faites-en l'expérience vous-même !

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Learning is what motivates me in life. Learn to understand, to experience, to add value, to grow. To me learning means stepping out of your comfort zone because we explore areas we haven’t seen before. Connecting deeply within the virtual on scale is globally new- which means we are learning together. Looking forward to sharing my excitement on this topic with all of you. 
Ian Strik
Commercial Consultant and Faculty Leadership and Skill Development

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