The learning experience at Lepaya

As an L&D specialist, you want to know what the learner’s experience is when they participate in Lepaya’s training sessions. We sat down with a recent graduate of the Base! Program for starters to dive into their experience of the training, discussing their key takeaways, their favourite moments and what they felt made the training so effective. 

So you recently completed the Base! Program, which module did you enjoy the most?

I completed three modules: Growth mindset & ambitions, Prioritize your time and Project Essentials.

I found all three to be really valuable to my growth, however prioritization & time management is something I really wanted to improve, so I found this training to be the most enjoyable as it really broke down this topic to usable and memorable points. This is something I noticed across all the modules to be honest!

Project management was a topic I did not realize I needed to improve upon until I started the training. But all of the trainings were designed to break down your goal to achievable practices that helped us to create a really clear path to success.

How did these trainings help you create this path?

Each module starts before the actual training sessions with learning objectives called “bites” which can be completed in the Lepaya app. I found this really convenient, they only took a few minutes and being able to complete them on my phone just made it handy to complete them on my commute or on a tea break! These bites also taught me how to set goals and immediately think of how they could be achieved, as well as explaining what the module was about and how it will benefit me! 

The training sessions themselves were a really interesting learning experience as it was quite open and allowed everyone to share their ambitions, experiences and advice, while maintaining tangible learning objectives. The trainers in particular helped us to make our own personal objectives attainable and demonstrated how we can use what we learned to achieve them. 

For me, what I found most effective in helping me learn was the buddy interactions. For the Growth mindset module, we shared when we felt we employed a fixed mindset as well as a growth mindset.

This sharing allowed me to grasp the two concepts in relation to my own experience and get a better understanding of them, as well as advise one another on how we can achieve our goal. 

We were learning from all angles

What really solidified my experience of the training was the follow-up. I arranged a meeting with my buddy during which we discussed how we were working on achieving our goal for the previous module and it really motivated me to stay on track with my path. Other than this meeting, I also had a number of “optional” learning bites that helped me to delve even deeper into each of the modules and overall made the training so comprehensive- we were learning from all angles!

In terms of the training sessions themselves, how was your learning experience?

I went into my first training experience somewhat wary. I had completed trainings in my time at university and in previous jobs that were underwhelming and did not have much of an impact. I came out of those experiences not feeling as though I had learned anything new or developed any strategies to improve. Lepaya’s training was not in any way similar to these experiences. 

From the off we delved into how we can make what we learned apply to our own lives and experiences. Doing so made the trainings feel so personalized. The trainers were excellent at facilitating discussions around how we can use what we have learned, they broke down more complex concepts to make them easily understandable, shared their own experiences and made the sessions themselves fun! I came out of every training session with Lepaya feeling rejuvenated and motivated to smash my goals, and I believe my fellow learners shared this excitement!

I came out of every training session with Lepaya feeling rejuvenated and motivated to smash my goals

It’s great to see so much enthusiasm! Have you implemented what you learned in your daily life since these training sessions?

Absolutely! Right from the off with the Growth mindset training, I found myself seeking out opportunities for growth at every turn both personally and professionally. That is what I think makes this training method so effective: it is so incredibly useful! 

Every day I have implemented at least one thing I learned during this training because it is so relevant to where I am in my career. I am in a stage of growth but I still have so much to learn, so Lepaya’s training really gave me the leg up I needed to kick start my growth in the right direction with the right skills. 

In particular during the module Project essentials, we were asked to consider a case study and, in teams, create a plan for the sample project. At the beginning, this seemed to be a no-brainer, but we quickly realised that the requests, deadlines and contributions of the stakeholders of the project were problematic. 

It took a lot of communication, consideration and logic to create a plan that was most effective and doing so with my group made it possible. Following this module, I was able to be more assertive in my own projects as well as realistic with deadlines I set or others requested. The training was incredibly practical, it really changed the way I worked. 

I believe there are certain skills that cannot be taught using academia or traditional learning methods, but with practical and relevant trainings that are accessible for everyone. In my experience Lepaya covered every type of learning method to ensure that everyone will take away valuable lessons, even though we all learn differently.

The training was incredibly practical, it really changed the way I worked

For example, I am without a doubt a hands-on learner, so the training sessions gave me the opportunity to use my own circumstances as an example and apply what I have learned to remedy whatever obstacle I encountered. My buddy, however, was moreso a reader, a researcher. So for them, they found the bites and the philosophy provided by the trainers to be useful to their learning, and so on.

If your manager asked you for some key takeaways of your Lepaya training, what would you share?

A lot! But if I had to list them out:

  • Engaging and practical learning works best for me, but other people learn differently and this was also accommodated.
  • Training that works for all your employees is invaluable. After my training, I felt very supported and valued as an employee to be given the opportunity to participate.
  • Learning collaboratively with my colleagues made the experience so enjoyable and relevant to our organization and roles. I connected with people I probably would never have without this training and learned a lot from them.
  • Setting realistic goals with a clear path to achieving them motivates me to smash them, and feel more accomplished in doing so. 
  • The Eisenhower Matrix is a godsend, I use it everyday and I am eternally grateful for Lepaya introducing me to this and showing me how to use it! 

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