Diversiteit & Inclusie

Met deze intentieverklaring committeert Lepaya zich aan zelf opgestelde doelen, in samenwerking met de Sociaal-Economische Raad, om diversiteit en inclusie op de werkvloer te bevorderen. De doelen waar het bedrijf zich het komende jaar op focust zijn onder andere het verhogen van de etnische diversiteit binnen het personeelsbestand van Lepaya, werknemerstevredenheid en inclusieve wervingsstrategieën, zoals bijvoorbeeld een diverse kandidatenpool en actieve checks op inclusieve vacatureteksten.

With more than 57% female employees and 21 different nationalities on board, Lepaya has been pursuing an active diversity policy for some time now. Lepaya and Bynder recently joined forces to get more women into tech through specially designed development programs. The power skills scale-up is now taking further steps in its diversity and inclusion mission by actively promoting more ethnic-cultural diversity.

Meet the Diversity Committee

Lepaya's Diversity committee meeting

Some of Lepaya’s diversity committee at their monthly check in!

Women at Lepaya

Women account for over half of Team Lepaya.  Meet some below!

"An imagineer in tech, a thinker with various experience in startups, an architect in Lepaya, and a self professed nerd in her personal life. MingHo is a FullStack Developer and architect, alongside the Tech team, MingHo works tirelessly to ensure Lepaya delivers the highest standard of learning and innovate our learning methods."


MingHo Chang

“Nynke’s motto: making classrooms happen! Ensuring a smooth delivery process of all of our training sessions and constantly updating our processes to account for our expanding global client base are just some of Nynke’s responsibilities. She loves being able to really see the result of our work every day and the impact of our training programs on the lives of professionals who participate in them. As a true Dutchie, living below sea level most of her life, Nynke loves to spend her Lepaya weekends on the water, either on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam, kitesurfing at sea or on the Frisian lakes up north!”


Nynke Polet

"Priscilla is a creative and multi-skilled designer, with the ability to work in diverse technical fields such as user interface, illustration, branding, and a bit of front-end. At Lepaya she’s responsible for most illustrations and support material for trainings. Despite coming from sunny Rio de Janeiro, she really loves the rainy weather from the Netherlands and no one else seems to understand how that's possible!"


Priscilla Alves

Pride at Lepaya

This year, the theme of our Pride Celebrations at Lepaya were Allyship & Education. As such, we held talks on how to support our LGBTQIA+ colleagues & curated the below materials to learn about Pride and it’s history in a fun, engaging way! Check them out

Families at Lepaya

With unlimited holidays and a Lepaya Friday every 2 weeks, Lepaya ensures that all the parents who work at Lepaya maintain a healthy work/life balance. Check out some of our leaders who double up as parents!


Lotte Scheffer

Lotte doubles up in her role as Lepaya's People Team Lead as well as being a Mother. Lotte has been with Lepaya from the beginning, check out her blog to learn more about Lotte!


Charlotte Eggens

Charlotte leads Lepaya's Marketing Team from her home in Haarlem, where she lives with her husband and two sons, check out her blog for an insight to the ultimate work/life balance!