Shape your industry

From physical to online, retail is an industry not afraid of fast changes and lots of challenges. With new trends emerging everyday and your organization responding to new consumer behaviours, you want to keep up.

You want your employees to make the most of this high paced environment and to be in the best possible spot they can be; both professionally as well as privately.

Geef jouw werknemers de vaardigheden die zij nodig hebben.. Train your employees in the right Power skills and make sure your organization will always have the right talent in the right place.

“We willen dat alle Bynder medewerkers van marketeers tot developers zich in brede zin als professional ontwikkelen.”

Ruben Vermaak, Head of L&D bij Bynder

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Retail Power Skills Trainings

Creativity & Story-Telling

Assertiviteit & Invloed

Teambuilding & -Ontwikkeling

Krachtig presenteren

  • Develop the skills to present your ideas confidently both on stage & online
  • Represent yourself & your organization to the best of your ability
  • Communicate your message in a compelling & convincing manner

Bereiken van commercieel succes

  • Learn to seek out & create opportunities
  • Use strategic communication to build relationships with customers
  • Take advantage of ideal moments to close the deal!
Werven van een succesvol team
  • Define success within your team & the competencies needed to succeed
  • Learn how to mitigate bias in the hiring process
  • Create your dream team of talented employees!

Business Tooling for your Organization


Excel Training
  • Develop your conversational skills to bring your customers onboard.
  • Learn to get your story across in an engaging and relevant manner.
  • Use dynamic conversation to influence stakeholders.
Power BI Training
  • Present your propositions in an assertive yet considerate manner to bring all stakeholders on board.
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders so all parties are on the same page.
PowerPoint Training
  • Door middel van basistechnieken efficiënt slides te maken
  • Have fun, work faster and smarter  using keyboard shortcuts 
  • Optimally use templates and master slides>

Branche expert:

Pascal Struijk

About Pascal:At both Lepaya and his previous employer, Pascal worked with (and trained for) various (inter)national Retail and Etail companies. Shaping projects that varied from leadership development at HQ, to training shop managers, and developing management skills in warehouses. With such a background in Retail Pascal is now a crucial part of our commercial team.

Een gesprek met onze consultant

Want to have a chat about your L&D strategy? Know a little bit more about how to create maximum impact and what Lepaya can do for you? 
Talk to one of our consultants! Pascal Struijk is specialized in the Retail sector, we don’t call him our Retail genius for nothing.