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4 Nov, 2021Renske Start

L&D within your industry

Corporate Training has grown exponentially in recent years, and continues to do so. With an expected growth of 3-4% every year right up to 2025 (PR News Wire) and an expected worth of $417.2 billion by 2027 (Allied Market Research). Despite a contraction of the market as a result of the recent COVID pandemic, Corporate training practitioners responded with a rapid adaptation to remote learning which has evolved into a hybrid learning environment, meaning learners can participate in person, as well as online. 

With greater online options for learning, learners now expect a shorter learning cycle, catered to with mobile options and micro learning which learners  can complete at their own pace. To combat current labor shortages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations are placing L&D at the forefront of their recruitment processes to ensure new employees are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their role. On an industry specific level, the healthcare and technical industries held the highest share of the Corporate Training market in 2019.

Lepaya responds to the demand for Corporate Learning opportunities by bringing innovative and intuitive learning solutions for you and your employees to the table. Our trainings are catered specifically to a number of industries where we have worked successfully for a number of years.  Check out our most popular industry trainings.


most effective in their roles as fast as possible. New employees need to get hired and onboarded quickly while you keep your most valuable employees happy by offering them personal growth and development opportunities. Now is the time to set processes that will help you kick start the growth of your scale up.

Professional Services

The professional service industry is exactly where you want to keep your highly contributed talent, highly trained. It is especially challenging when your employees must decide between your own vs. your clients needs. Team and time management skills, as well as commercial sensitivity, become relevant at this point. Core Consulting attributes such as problem solving, slide writing & storytelling are also key for almost every professional services employee.


In the accountancy industry, people are your most important capital. They are the ones that create added value for customers with their advisory skills. Mastering soft skills is therefore at least as important as in-depth expertise. Our training offering is tailored for the respective experience level of consultants: either junior, medior or senior.

IT industry

In order for IT professionals to be successful in their role, they have to be able to communicate simply and effectively. As their goal is always to accelerate their client’s business. Therefore, it is necessary to train core skills such as actionable communication, taking ownership, feedback for growth, presenting with confidence, and impactful influencing. Additionally, senior IT professionals are increasingly requested to guide their clients, in which case consulting skills are a valuableasset to include.


Find the right balance. Your industry is one that’s high pressured. This makes sense as your work will affect real lives. But this does mean that your employees will have to endure a lot. Long hours, mental exhaustion, stress… Health Care is for everyone, and we shouldn’t forget the people working within the industry. Because when your employees are healthy they will be even better at providing health care for others

Give them the tools they need. Train your employees in the right Power skills, make sure they are well equipped and your organization will be a place that allows for growth and innovation.

Public Sector

Public Sector employees are required to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders from the general public. Whether through written briefings, delivering presentations to large audiences or participating in formal meetings. Public sector employees need to be able to adapt their communication style to the cultural expectations, levels of knowledge and seniority of their counterparts. Thus, we train public sector employees in core skills like influencing, stakeholder management, and meeting management.

Tech, Media & Telecommunications

In a sector that is defined by fast growth and innovation, it is vital to think and stay one step ahead to be faster, stronger and better than the competition.

Your employees are always seeking new ways to address the opportunities and fast changing business model challenges that will define your organizations’ short- and long-term futures. But you can help them to take this to the next level! Train your employees to future-proof their role with the right Power Skills. 


Whether it’s Management, HR or Financial, your organization is one that lifts up others. Everyday your employees add their expertise to business models so that organizations can create the most impact.

Creating that impact starts from within the organization. Becoming the most supportive consultancy firm requires more than strong technical and operational skills. It needs complex problem solving skills, impactful influencing and presenting with confidence that will put your organisation one step ahead of your competitors.

Lift consultancy to the next level. Train your employees in the right Power skills and make sure your organization will showcase talent that can lift others.


From physical to online, retail is an industry accustomed to fast changes and lots of challenges. With new trends emerging everyday and your organization responding to new consumer behaviours, you want to keep up.

You want your employees to make the most of this high paced environment and to be in the best possible spot they can be; both professionally as well as privately.

Give your employees the skills they need.. Train your employees in the right Power skills and make sure your organization will always have the right talent in the right place.