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From seller to partner

Good power skills are indispensable for a successful sales professional. The traditional image of a salesman with one foot in the door trying to sell something is gone. But how are you going to make sure that the customer sees you as a 'partner' instead of a 'seller'?

Long, tedious trainings or three consecutive days in a sales program will not help. Dynamic learning programs that meet the needs of sales millennials will! Together with trainers and actors, learners get straight to work with personal cases, exercises and role plays. Where does your commercial strength lie? What is your sales identity? And how do you bring out the best in yourself?

In the Sales Academy, 7 Power Skills training courses have been developed, each highlighting a sales skill. Start with the Sales Academy and become the sales professional that stands out from the crowd.

Sales Academy Program

In our Sales Academy, professionals become aware of their own sales style and learn various techniques to bring their motivations and mindset to a higher level. They will learn to recognize the importance of trust and develop listening skills to build a strong relationship with the customer. Professionals will dive into the pain points and needs of the customer, deliver energetic sales pitches and learn to effectively negotiate with confidence.

Sales Drive

  • Build awareness of sales competencies and your personal sales strengths
  • Develop a  winners mentality and apply a positive mindset
  • Increase your personal influence and practice a proactive and entrepreneurial attitude

Leading Conversations

  • Structure and prepare your client conversation to be in the lead
  • Be able to take the lead in the first part of a sales conversation
  • Learn to communicate on different levels

Building trust with clients

  • Recognize the different layers of  trust in order to build strong client relationships  
  • Build sustainable partnerships 
  • Create equal partnerships with an assertive attitude

Focusing on client’s needs

  • Understand and analyse your clients  needs
  • Recognise opportunities, link them to benefits and make them actionable 
  • Learn to formulate  a value proposition in the client’s language

Sales Conversations

  • Build confidence in  pitching a solution
  • Learn how to structure your sales conversation 
  • Activate your audience while crossing  your message


  • Influence your sales conversation towards a positive outcome     
  • Recognize diverse types of objections and learn how to handle them 
  • Learn how to deal with tension and turn it into an advantage 


  • Discover how to use various closing methods
  • Equip yourself with a toolbox of negotiation techniques 
  • Be comfortable with talking about budgets and prices

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Sales Academy

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