Working at Lepaya

We empower professionals and ignite organizations worldwide to get the most out of working life. Of course, we don’t forget ourselves.

This is important to us:


With a fresh outlook, great tempo and a touch of adventure we approach learning and go for amazing results.


In the world of L&D everyone soon finds out that mental flexibility (the physical we leave to you) is essential. The world of work is constantly changing, so does our work and so do we!


Our mission is to make it possible for employees to feel great in the workplace. The only way we’ll make that happen is when we believe in what we do, and do the work that makes us happy.


We work to live, not live to work. Of course we strive to achieve the very best results but our real impact shows when employees and our own colleagues can thrive in the best environment.


Whenever possible we always go that extra mile. Not because it will look good on our website but because we believe in the relevance of Power Skills, happy employees and sustainable organizations.

What do we offer?

Unlimited holidays
Lepaya weekend
Flexible office hours
Training (of course)
Great office location

Our vacancies

What is it like to work at Lepaya?

Our colleagues tell it best.

Lisa Herbert

Product Owner

“Coming from the corporate world I was excited to join a scale up. I love our fast pace, our creative brainstorms, the energy everybody brings to the table and our constant thrive for creating something which makes our users happy.”

Ivan Fedorovskiy

Growth Hacker

“Everyone is so open minded and proactive and passionate about what they are doing which is super cool to see. To me, this means the hiring process is done exactly right, the culture is the right one.”

Lotte Scheffer

People Lead

“Aside from the people-first approach Lepaya adopted, I also love that we are data-driven. We always act on what we know works based on scientific data. We are constantly learning new things and are always experimenting.”