What other companies do we share data with?

Last update: December 2020


We take data security and privacy seriously. This is a list of third party companies and services that we use, and may sometimes share data with. We never share data unnecessarily, and take care to choose partners who meet our privacy and security standards.


Category: Operational services

These are the infrastructure services we use to keep our learning platform ticking and providing a create learner experience

Data Disclosed:  Learner personal data (first name, last name, email address, picture and answers to questionnaires) only applicable for Amazon Web Services, Auth0, Typeform and Zapier

Purpose: Hosting our platform, website, backups, continuous deployment, monitoring, conducting surveys, hosting video conferencing

Name: Amazon Web Services, Auth0, Gitlab, Typeform,  Zapier, Google Firebase, Sumologic, TransIP, Freshdesk


Category: Sales / Business Development

These are the tools our sales team uses to manage our relationships with our customers

Data Disclosed: DMU personal data

Purpose: Manage customer relationships

Name: Hubspot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Category: Analytics

These are the tools our BI team uses to make our products even better, by understanding how they are used

Data Disclosed: Anonymized user behavior

Purpose: To understand user behavior 

Name: PowerBI, Hotjar, Google Analytics


 Category: Marketing

These are the tools our marketing team uses tools to make sure many people know about Lepaya and have the chance to get in contact with us

Data Disclosed: DMU & client personal data 

Purpose: To target marketing campaigns at relevant audiences 

Name: HubSpot


Category: Productivity tools

These are the tools we use to share data within our company

Data disclosed: Potentially some learner personal data

Purpose: To manage daily operations and collaboration with necessary stakeholders, plus hosting virtual sessions with our learners (Zoom and Microsoft Teams)

Name: Google GSuite, BitWarden, Atlassian, Zoom, Microsoft Teams


Category: Recruitment

These are the tools our People Team uses to ensure we have attract the best talent

Data disclosed: Applicant data

Purpose: To manage the recruitment, selection & interview process

Name: Recruitee, HireSelect, OfferZen, Honeypot, Talent.io, CriteraGroup


Category: Finance & internal operations

These are the tools our Finance team use to process all payment

Data disclosed: Employee Personal data, Client Personal data

Purpose: To manage the all outgoing and incoming financial transactions

Name: Loket, HubSpot, Google GSuite, DocuSign, ETL



If you shave any questions about our Data Policy, you can always contact us via:


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