In order for our programs to be more effective, at Lepaya, we make use of tools that help us increase the overall performance of our sessions. In this case, word cloud is used as a simple way to increase engagement.
Our product owner Lisa Herbert explains what a word cloud is and how it enables trainings to be even more effective.

word cloud

What is a word cloud?

A word cloud, also known as a “word collage” is a visualization of words, where the participants choose the words that they would like to add via our Lepaya app.
The more often the same word is submitted, the bigger it will be displayed. Our cloud of words grows in real time as participants are submitting, and becomes a fun and effective way to see the input of your fellow classmates.
The final result ends up with a big ‘cloud’ of words, where you can easily see what the most important takeaways are.

What value does it add to a training session?

A word cloud has a variety of benefits that can help to increase the effectiveness of your session.

Focus on the right training

A word cloud works as a way to hear out the participants, as any form of feedback and interaction is beneficial for a session. This way, the trainer will have a better grasp of where the emphasis needs to be during the session, and therefore tailor it more specifically to their needs.

Include all opinions

It is crucial to include all participants, especially keeping in mind the ones that would otherwise not.
By the simple click of a word, the trainer can receive input from every participant, without leaving behind the ones that may be shy or distracted!

Make sure the core message is clear

Finally, as it is important for our sessions to have impactful results, a word cloud is an extra method to ensure that the participants can clearly see what were the key takeaways of the session.

How are wordclouds used in Lepaya trainings?

1. Tool as a session ice breaker

A word cloud is an interactive activity, therefore it can work to start off the session by thinking about the words that the participants wish to add to the board, and to start thinking about what they consider important.
This not only activates the participants minds and gets them ready for the event, but also lets the trainer know what they want out of the session.

2. Tool as a session finisher

As previously mentioned, in Lepaya our objective is to generate positive results from our programs, therefore, it is important that the participants have absorbed all the important key points.
For that reason, a word cloud is a great way to wrap up the session as it allows everyone to think about one thing which they will do differently starting already from the next day, thereby helping participants to get inspired on what they can start applying right away.

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