The NRTO Certification

12 Feb, 2021lepaya peter

We are proud to announce that we have achieved NRTO certification and successfully became a member of the NRTO Association.

NRTO certification – A sign of quality

nrto certificateThe NRTO is the Dutch association/ council for training and education (in Dutch “Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding”). The NRTO certificate is a sign of professionalism in the training market and gives you absolute certainty that you are making the right choice when you choose us as your partner in providing training. A provider with the NRTO mark meets high quality requirements and has been tested on this by an external certifying institution. Also, a provider with the NRTO certification has shown to be transparent about products and services, to offer adequate services, to deal professionally with clients, to employ expert staff and to measure client satisfaction.We are very proud to be an active member of the NRTO and to be accepted on all these qualities. We want to grow alongside you to achieve even more! More information about the NRTO certificate can also be found on their official website.