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27 Oct, 2021Renske Start

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

Lepaya wants to ensure that all the professionals, who follow our programs, can immediately apply their learnings and for it become more effective over time. Every training we offer comes with an integrated impact assessment, meaning that the participants are able to track exactly how much they have grown, pre-training and post-training. To ensure the quality of the trainings, we measure the impact based on the ”Kirkpatrick Four-Level Training Evaluation” model.

What is the Kirkpatrick Model?

The Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level model is one of the most used and known model for analyzing and evaluating the delivered training program and results for effectiveness. The four levels of this model are Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results.

Level 1 – Reaction

The degree of how well the participants have reacted to the training. The extent of value, based on how engaging, relevant and favorable the training was, for their jobs.

Level 2 – Learning

The degree of how the training has helped further develop the participants’ skills, knowledge, attitude and commitment, as well as their confidence of the acquired practical information. Also, this level measures what has been and hasn’t been learned.

Level 3 – Behavior

This level helps to analyze to the degree of understanding and how well the training is being applied in their job. It can also determine where the participants are struggling and might need help with.

Level 4 – Results

The (positive) impact on the business will be analyzed. This includes the final results of the training and the outcomes that the participants have determined to be of benefit for themselves, the team and business (the return on investment).