The Challenge

Accenture designs and delivers digital systems to clients. Like many organizations, Accenture is in a situation where the demand for its services is higher than the capacity to deliver. Therefore, Accenture needed a learning solution to develop new hires into consultants who integrate into customer project teams with speed and efficiency.  

The Solution

Co-create a customized onboarding program by listening to Accenture’s business and people needs in the Netherlands. This program equips new hires in Accenture’s technology department with the right skills to present data to clients: storytelling, leadership, data analysis & pyramid thinking.


How Accenture trains new hires in 9 days 


Accenture’s onboarding program gives consultants the skills to make business impact & influence customer projects. 


Onboarding Accenture’s Talent for Take-off 

Accenture dedicates a team of consultants to deliver digital systems to transform organizations. But before new hires start working on client projects, Accenture equips them with the right skill set: a combination of hard and soft skills, also known as Power Skills. 

So how do Accenture consultants develop these Power Skills to make business impact? 


Power Skills: where soft and hard skills connect to capture excellence  

Lepaya understands that practice is key in training skills for a long-term learning effect. And so, Accenture partnered with Lepaya to co-create a unique onboarding program, timeline & structure that responded to both the business and consultants’ needs

In a customized nine day program, Lepaya provided over 200 graduates with the learning tools to combine presentation with hard data skills. The learning path trained consultants to present with the support of data and deliver key messages to clients during projects. It included these hard & soft skills:



How the program transformed Accenture’s presentation & data practice

Our co-created learning path, averaging a 9/10 rating, has helped Accenture attract more talent. With this onboarding program, Accenture installs confidence in new consultants by training the specific skills they need in project teams and distinguishes itself as a leading company to work at.

The skills trained in the 9-day program have given new joiners the equivalent of several months of professional experience and the ability to function more independently from day 1 of their career at Accenture. 

The result of our training: less time in theory-heavy classrooms, more time in training that emphasizes practicing new behaviors, and more time working with clients to help them attain the lasting value of Accenture’s technology services. 

We notice that after this onboarding program, starters are already working at a level comparable to a few months work experience. Especially in how they handle data and presentations. So it takes less time to train new consultants on the job and allows the project teams to spend more time and energy on making a difference for our clients.

Michelle van der Wouden, Senior L&D Manager at Accenture


With such impact, Lepaya will continue to listen to Accenture’s evolving needs. And we are proud to continue our learning paths and become the heartbeat of their consultants’ development.

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